Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jerry Dimmer - Dim Dim, 2007

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Artist: Jerry Dimmer | Dim Dim's Myspace
Title: Dim Dim
Released: 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio MP3
Country: Denmark
Label: Music For Dreams
Genre: Electronic, Downtempo


01. Flavia
02. Mi Corazon (Feat. Ariane)
03. Always On My Mind
04. T-Hop (Feat. Namti)
05. Slow Pull
06. Pectina
07. Here And Now
08. Nanana Baby (Feat. Iona)
09. Attendre
10. You And Me

After Some Nice Breakish Stuff Here's One More Album
Out Of The Fluffier Electronica World. Jerry Dimmer
Is The Real Name Of Dim Dim (Some People Might
Remember I Posted His Recent Album "Whip"... IMO
The "Dim Dim" Album Posted Now Sounds A Bit More
Indie With All Its Dreamy Vocals And Guitar Lines...
Beautiful Stuff For Day Dreamers And Those Who Will
Be Day Dreamers In The Future! Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

thanks, i liked "whip" a lot so i'll try this one too..

gorq said...

Really like this one. Whip wasn't bad att all, but, for me, I have to say that the beats in whip didn't really get under my skin. (which is weird, cause normally I'm into broken beats, but not this time). Dim Dim livelike beats together with those keys, echoed guitar (slow pull) and all those dreamy freaky tunes have got me totally. Cheers mate. Good stuff

Anonymous said...

Love this one. Maybe you know «Hess is More» which has similar danish happy indie electric tunes appearing on the same label like Jerry.

Neoinc. said...

I'm not too much in this kind of electronic music, there are only a hand full of artists, which i prefer back from my time as an idm and acid wonkah... and dim dim's one of them... maybe i check the hess is more stuff one day... thx for recommend this to me...


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