Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boomin' Back Again Ya Beatnicks!!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Whoot, After Your Nice Opinions And Thoughts
About My BDIB-Collection I Cannot Close The Blog.
But Please Let Me Think A Few Days Or Weeks How
To Go On In The Future With This... I Think The
Line Is Clear After More Then 200 Posts: Boomin'
UK Stuff Mostly... I'm Not Sure How Often To Post
In The Future Coz My Time Becomes Rarer And Rarer...
I'm A Busy Geek Doin My Best To Create Innovative
Architecture... Sometimes It's Impossible To Take Some
Time For Muza, But I Still Want To Do The Work For
The Blog On My Own... So Sorry But Thx For Your
"Applications" To Post On BDIB, Too... I Think About
Posting More Coverart And Partydates (Flyers) In The
Future And I'm Interested In What You Think About
That Idea... So Please Submit Some Suggestions About
Your Opinion! The Thing Which Is A Very Important One
For Me: I Really Want You To Discuss More About The
Stuff On The Blog And Similar Tunes... I Think The
Discussion About Our Passion Can Be Very Inspirative
For Me And You All... So It Only Takes Some Seconds
To Post A Few Words About Your Thoughts Or Feelings
While Hearing Some Great Tunes... Mmmmh Mates,
That's All For Now And Please Think About My Words...
If Nothing Changes There's Only A Little Reason For Me
To Spread Some Great Stuff, It Only Takes A Lot Of Time
And I Can See My Counter Counts...



Anonymous said...

I'm one of those guys who was guilty of leachin' (mostly d&b) with nary a thanks (I think).
My apologies!
I'm happy that you're not shutting down :)
Thanks for the great stuff you post(ed). In the past, present and future.
All the best to you.

Anonymous said...

must say i was also a leecher type but hey we all can change...
hope to discuss some interesting music situations with all peeps collecting from this blog..

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled you are reconsidering closing this blog. I think I may be able to speak for (at least) some people when I say, we don't care how often you post, just keep up the great posts!! it's certainly understandable that there are other commitments in your life, just know that the work you do on this blog and the music you share with us is GREATLY appreciated and your comments are respected.

in terms of the website, I wouldn't change a thing! leave it as is, I like how you show the cover art (when able to) and list the album info/genre, and your valuable comments. the only thing I could think of adding are recommendations to other albums, (eg. if you like this album, check out ....), but that's being picky.

I'm just thrilled you are reconsidering, and I will continue to check your blog (and promise to post a couple comments here and there) I appreciate all the work you have done and (hopefully) will continue to do.


Anonymous said...

happy to have you and the blog back

another "leacher" who's looking forward to those discussions


Rob said...

Stoked that this is back up and running. Something I would definitely be keen for is posting/linking to more mixes. When you don't live in the UK, these give a great overview of what is happening there at the time.

Bambamsfr said...

"I Think About
Posting More Coverart"

Yes, i think it s a great idea
I'm always looking for highdef coverart vinyl or CD and i like this kind of Art

Try something new, music is our passion, art is my freedom !

shane said...

want to add my voice to the thanks for past efforts and i am pleased to see you continuing. love the selections and appreciate the work and time you dedicate to the blog.


Anonymous said...

wow! you are back!!!!! THANKS!:)

tyc said...

there is only one word left. thx!

i will spread more comment than before ... just to see you smile :)

Cookie said...

me too... I will comment every single album that you will put here, just to get some new ones. To be honest, this is the best music blog ever. ever.

don't give it up.


KenA said...

I'm totally stoked that you're gonna keep this running...

It's without a doubt one of the finest places to get some of the best music about from...

Keep up the good work!

gorq said...

Great, mate! I was kind of hoping and this is it! It takes a man not to give it up even that you must have felt pretty down about the big silence here. But, as you can see,people are not so bad and maybe the decission to close down the shop was the rightest thing to do to make things moovin'... and here we come, as it was said, changing just to do it better. Keep it up! My personal best! former Anonymous but from now on GORQ

Andreas said...

you don't close down, so great to hear! this is definitly the best music blog around!

keep up the good work!

and for my part ill try to give more feedback through posts as well!

Kol...k said...

Dude, what a suprise (:
I checked your blog, just to see if you really closed it already and it works again, shit ya, man, im happy like a little child.
Thanks for your posts.
Take care